Biopharma manufacturers have been thriving here for decades and recent growth confirms what we've known for many years — this is a great place for business!



Industry Presence


Many of the world's largest companies are operating and investing in our communities. They know industry clusters like this don't happen by accident.   

Active Sites


We understand the unique needs of the biopharma manufacturing industry. That means we can help companies get up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Region

Whether it's water capacity or a well-trained workforce, our companies know they can find the resources they need to succeed. We can help yours too. 



“We’re pleased to call Johnston County our home, and greatly appreciate the trust and partnership the Board of Commissioners and community have given us — the inspiration that drives us to provide innovative care for our patients is matched by our enduring commitment to bringing jobs and economic growth to our community.”

Chad Henry, Novo Nordisk, Corporate VP and GM of Diabetes Finished Products (DFP) Manufacturing Site, Clayton, NC